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51 Witnesses to their marriage were J▓rgen Pedersen & Morten Jensen Family: F85
52 He lived in Tanya, Africa Adres
53 She was a Jodemissionaer in Kobenhavn. daughter
54 Her father was born in Kentucky, and her mother was born in Indianna. Josephine Bell Mitchell
55 daughter Katrina had a child with heart problems and mentally handicapped and a son who was autistic.(ref cousin in Denmark) Katrina
56 This information about birth is obtained by the 1870 census of Kentucky.There is also a Salley Beashear living with them and she is 14 in 1840 this could be a daughter from a previous marriage and a nother child male N. T. Beashears and they are born in Kentucky Sally
57 1. Notation in the records of Althera Vance Farnsworth notes that the Thomas Story of Falls 1716 ties in through this line Sarah
58 1. Will of Sarah Glass, 6 Aug 1812/4 Dec 1815.
Dec'd Husband: Robert Glass
Sons: Robert D. Glass; Joseph Glass, now in Kentucky 
59 was a gardener , lived near Gronninghoved in Lillebaelt. Son
60 She never married and was living in Vilslev when she attended the Christening of her niece, Gunde Andersen in 1881, but by 1885 she was living i n Ruidom, or Reisdom Parish when she attended her nephew, Anders Andersen 's christening. She took her own life. Margrethe (Grethe)Thomsen
61 She never married and was living in Vilslev when she attended the Christening of her niece, Gunde Andersen in 1881, but by 1885 she was living in Ruidom, or Reisdom Parish when she attended her nephew, Anders Andersen's christening . She took her own life. Margrethe (GRETHE)THOMSEN
62 1. It apears that Mary died in child birth as her death date is Jun 1887 and Susan is born June of 1887.
2. He marries an Susan Sheets - I am wondering if she is a sister to Mary his first wife. 
Mrs Mary Susan Sheets (Meadows)Meadors
63 Fine mand and fine famil. He was raiseed by grandparents (living in Ogden) Perkins because of early death of mother Jane . Arnold Adair
64 Rec of Lillian F. Millett, 146 No. Frazier E., Mesa, Ariz 85203 George Washington Adair
65 1. He has WWI draft card.
2. He worked in the coal mine according to the draft card. 
Andrew Marion Alexander
66 In 1930 Census David was living with Son in law Elmer Cook he was 85 years of age. at the time David Alexander
67 Death certificate gave middle name Jonah and stated mothers and fathers name, Wifes name at this time was Laura W. Alexander, (This could be a second wife. and Daughter Minnie married name and that she had moved to Colorado. David Jonah Alexander
68 D.S In April of 1910 district 3 he is found with his father, living next to his father when the census is taken but in the same year in the month of May he is living with his future wife's parents as a hired hand to help with the farm. and the romance blossoms.
1. He has a W.W1 Ftsgy trhodytsyopm 
David Scobie Alexander
69 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Ellen B Alexander
70 It states on death certificate that heis married. Archie Alexander was the informant, (Possible child) J. Henry Alexander
71 He was brother to Martha Adeline Alexander James H. Alexander
72 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. James M. Alexander
73 From WWI draft record we discover the J. stands for Jefferson. We also learn the name of his wife. Luther Jefferson Alexander
74 According to the 1910 Census it asks of the mother number of children given birth, Martha responded by 13 children. Number of still living? She responds with : 8.

The marriage record to J.W. Copeland indicates that she was married before to a White.

In "Our Ancestorys Plots" are 3 more children to Martha and Joshua they are Bessie, Evelyn and Eller.
NO dates given of either births or deaths just children of Adeline Alexander Copeland.

3. White, J. M. and Martha A. Alexander married 22 Dec 1881 by Elder H. Parker at Louisa Alexander's . Wit: Thomas White, James Alexander. (bond 22 Decx 1881) Sec: L. L. Vanhooser. Bridegroom, 26; first marriagae; farmer born Texas and lives Caldwell County; parents born Kentuckyt. Bride, 17; first marriage; birthplace unknown and lives Caldwell County; parents birthplaces unknown. Consesnt 22 Dec 1881: "This is to he Clark of Caldwell County Cort i authorize you to shue Marrige licens for my daughtor Marthy to Maryr to J. M. White..." Luezy (X) A. Alexander. Wit : L. L. Vanhooser [illegible] Hayes [B B14:130] 
Martha Adeline Alexander
75 died of Labored Phnemonia Mary Fae Alexander
76 David Alexander her father is listed as living with Minnie and Elmer Cook. As father in law to Elmer Cook. Minnie Alexander
77 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Minnie B Alexander
78 1870 Census: a Sady Ausenbaugh age 10 is living with Patton and Christene Alexander, as well as
Menser Martin age 9 and a domestic Blace girl Louisa Alexander age 20 born in Kentucky 
Patton Alexander
79 In 1930 Census it show a Step daughter nmed Elmo Pool living with them. Fannie must have been married previously , but to whom.

2. On WWI draft registration form it states that he is ball headed. Tall with Blue eyes and Brown hair and ofmedium build.

3. Mrs George Wilson is an informant. 
Robert Edward Alexander
80 Our Ancestial Plot 976.9815 V22K FHL
1. Mrs. Serenal Darnall shows up as consent for her daughters wedding. Hester Orange. 
Serenia Isabell Alexander
81 Brothers and sister of the Williiam Henry Alexander marries bro and sister of the Whites.
In the mortality schedule it states he died of paralysis. 
William Henry P. Alexander
82 He was listed in a group with younger brother David S. Willie M. Alexander
83 Her Godparents were Peder Nielsen's wife Maren Christoffersdatter, Michel S▓rensen Thude, Gunder Pedersen Svendsdatter, Niels Nielsen, Anne Else Christensdatter all of Vilslev. ANDERSDATTER
84 When Anders was about 18 years old, he spent a couple of years in Arizona in 1902. He came back to Denmark because he got sick. Then both Anders and his brother Tom SJ wanted to go to America. Their father Jens Jorgen said "One has to stay home and help with your Mom."
Anders married Sine Hansen in 1907, who was born in Debel on September 8. 1891, and was the daughter of Hans Peder Hansen and Susanne Andersen. She was a 1/2 sister to John Marinus Andersen. John was married to Ander's sister Karen Andersen.
Anders T.P.Andersen and Sine Hansen had 3 daughters Petrea, Gunda and Anna; and 2 sons- Jen and Hans. His wife Sine died young, from Spanish Influenza, the oldest child was 7 and the youngest just 1, in 1920. He hired a housekeeper to help with the children and his parents were next door to help. Anders had built his home near his father's at "Ryttergaard" in Vilslev, Denmark. However his father Jens died a couple of years later. Anders never remarried.
They were living in that home when Denmark was occupied by the Germans during World War II. Anders died at the age of 58 on October 20 1943. 
Anders Thomsen Peder Andersen
85 Anders was born in Vilslev on January 13, 1885 . When he was 17 years old, he spent about a year in Arizona in 1902. Anders married Sine Hansen, who was born in Debel on September 8 1891, and was the daughter of Hans Peder Hansen and Susanne Andersen (1/2 sister of Anders' brother-in-law, John Marinus Andersen). Anders T.P.Andersen and Sine Hansen had 3 daughters Petrea, Gunda and Anna; and 2 sons- Jen and Hans. Anders built his home near his father's at "Ryttergaard" in Vilslev, Denmark and they were living there when Denmark was occupied by the Germans during World War II. Anders died at the age of 58 on October 20 1943.
He owned farm #17 in Vilslev. Carolyn Fairall's records gave his birth year as 1886. His Godparents were: spinster Grethe Thomsen, Rindom parish; spinster Anne Bejer, Vilslev; farmer S▓ren Andersen, Vilslev; Pastor Moten Andersen, Copenhagen; farmer Niels HollÁnder, Lundagergaard. 
Anders Thomsen Peter ANDERSEN
86 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Andra Kay ANDERSEN
87 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Andra Kay Andersen
88 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Anna ANDERSEN
89 They lived in DLadelund in Sonderjylland and had 3 children. Possibly bi polar Anne Andersen
90 She appears to be the only daughter, and may have been married to Niels HollÁnder of "Lundagergaard." In 1881, at the christening of Gunde Andersen, there was in attendance "Niels HollÁnder's wife '
Ane Marie of Lundagergaard, and Niels HollÁnder also attended the christenings of Karen C. Andersen in 1883, and Anders T. P. Andersen in 1885. She may also have had the name (Eva?) 
91 Godparents were Peder Nielsen, Michel S▓rensen, S▓ren Nielsen, Dorthe Kathrine Pederfsdatter, Anders Jepsen all of Vilslev. child ANDERSEN
92 Stillborn child ANDERSEN
93 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Darlene ANDERSEN
94 Darnall served two tours of duty in North Vietnam, He had 3 children: 2 by his first wife - Michael and Duane- and the 3rd was by his 2nd wife Donna, his name was J. D. (James Darnall)
Darnall died From the over use of alcohol. Darnall was the most sensitive kind brother that a sister could have. He came to my defense and gave some wise council many times. A couple of times I vividly remember was when I told him I had stolen something, and he said how wrong that was and that Mom and Dad would be hurt and that Dad took great pride in being honest in his dealings. Another time was when a male friend I went to high school with, ran around with him.. He said he would like to say hi. I told Darnall I would like to catch up on the kids I had gone to school with and thought it would do no harm. (How naive) This was after I, Tommie Sue, had been married for just a few years. He said ,"Tommie are you happily married. " In which I replied, " Very," His wise counsel was, "Then don't do it."

After Baby Lou died I felt there was nothing that would help me overcome the loss and sorrow I felt more than having another little spirit come to our home. Consequently it was 10 months to the day from the time she died until the day you and Darlene were born. I couldn't help but feel that our Heavenly Father for some unknown reason needed one of our children. In return he gave us a sweet little son and a daughter to fill in the vacancy left in our home when he took Baby Lou.
You two were born Sunday at 3 p.m. In church that night you two were the big subject for discussion. One day at Danas Maternity home we had 35 visitors and 20 bouquets of flowers. You weighed 6 lbs. Darlene 5 lbs. You were born just 10 minutes before your sister and you never let her forget it.
When you were blessed I had you dressed in blue and white Darlene was in pink and white. You both were so tiny I had to crochet you some little slippers so they would fit. Jess and Leoma Shumway's twins were blessed the same day. The Bishop was really happy over the large attendance at church.
When you were 3 mo. both of you came down with diarrhea. You pulled thru fine but your little sister nearly died.
You have always had the sweetest smile and won friends without any effort. One day we were visiting Uncle Emanuel and Aunt Lilly out on the desert. You were climbing the hill close by and ran on to a mother Goat and 2 kids. You were so curious about those little goats you kept trying to closer and closer which the mother goat resented very much. When you were telling Uncle Emanuel about it you said, Uncle Emanuel that goat really did provoke me." Uncle Manuel thought that was real cute and spoke of it often.
When you were in first grade there was a small cyst that developed on your cheek. It wasn't serious until a dog at school jumped on you and with his paw scratched that cyst. We then had to have it operated on which left a real attractive dimple in your cheek. The next year your nose swelled up . It looked terrible I took you to the Doctors and he pulled out a marble you had poked up your nose.
When you and Darlene were 8 years old you were baptized and confirmed along with the Shumway twins. At 10 years of age you lost your front tooth. Joe went to hit the croquet ball the same time as you leaned over to pick it up and he hit your tooth and knocked it out. It' s still out. No replacement Oh, we had one put in temporarily but none permanent.
You were always rather shy - the others were quite out going but you were more quiet and reserved, but you had a very sweet spirit . As you grew older you developed quite a temper which you didn't let loose very often unless really provoked.
My Darnall and Darlene have always been such a joy to me, I had always dreamed of having twins and when I was finally blessed with you two you met up with all my expectations. You both seemed to enjoy each other and very protective of the other.
When you were 6 years old we nearly had a tragedy in the home. it was January and quite cold. I was in the hospital with Marilyn. You decided you wanted to get your feet warm so you put the light globe that was attached to a cord between the 2 mattresses of the top bunk. You then turned on the light and crawled in bed. In the middle of the night Aunt Fanny Lancaster called Tom and told him something was burning. He said it┘us the sheep herders bon fire. So she went back to her room but the smell got stronger so she got up. She went and shook you Dad and said, "Something is on fire in this room." Tom jumped up grabbed you out of the bed then pulled the top mattress off.
Everything blazed up. He hauled the mattresses out side in a hurry. You were rather groggy next day from inhaling so much smoke. 
Darnall James ANDERSEN
95 We were discussing with Don some of the whippings the boys had received and Don made the comment: The worse whippin' he had ever gotten was the day Baby Lou died from burns when her dress caught on fire. He was only 5, almost 6. Not old enougth to really understand the consequence of gasoline and fire. Later he was outside swinging, Dad came out and sat in the swing next to him, they swung for awhile and then Dad got out of the swing and then lifted Don out of the swing and hugged him and they both wept.
He carried that burden all his life.

Tommie Sue: Don was quite protective of me and I felt probably because I looked alot like Baby Lou. He was very kind and loving. I use to go out to Wenden during the summers to baby sit and help out. Don let me drive the car before I was 16 and cautioned me about the Wenden boys and made sure that I was treated like a lady. He enjoyed hearing the piano being played and gave some great words of wisdom. He mentioned one time going home from Wenden that he knew Mary and I had done some talking, (Mary was easy to talk to and helped me get through some teenage self absorbed time)He mentioned that in relationships there was always more than one side to a story. He didn't talk negative about Mary, this was a time of trouble for them,. I think Mom realized that their marriage was a little rocky, so wanted us girls especially Marilyn and I, to help out with the kids and to allow them to get away with each other. He hinted that Mary had some psycological problem.
At another time he let me drive a camper truck, what an experience, I thought for sure I was going to hit someone in the back end. Because of no experience at stopping with the camper weighing much more, feeling like it was pushing me down the road. I was all over the break trying to stop the truck. However, my anxiety didn't seem to phase him at all. In fact he had a big smile on his face. Don was always a good and kind brother to me. Don loved his children and wanted his sons to be strong and tough. At times I thought he was a little to harsh, but he was dealt with harshly as for him he was the eldest son of the 10 little Andersens. He bore that burden well and worked hard.
One time he brought Lorene up to Salt Lake to Help Mom take care of the kids while Craig and I went to Europe. He had asked me if I had ever gone to Vegas, to the shows and to gamble, I had answered no, he then said he would pay for us to go. We never took him up on the offer but he liked to go to Las Vegas occasionally.

Don's response to Letter Written from Darlene. May 1966 at the time she was contemplating marring Dr. Joe Caten: May 1966:
" Dear Sis :
I am really flatered to think you would ask my advise, so I will write you a letter, my first in about 10 years, so my aadvice will probably be as old.
I think you know how I feel about Dr. Joe. I have never met the man and I don't feel I should judge. However, from what I can gather and from the things he has acomplished he has to be a man of sound intelligence and I mean the usful kind that can adapt to all situations including the ability to see wisdom and the light or darkness of Religion.
I think unless you can adapt yourself to moderation and tolerance you may never find the philosophy you think you want. Personally I wish I had been married civil so I could be married in the temple latter, when it might be more appreciated. Anyway, why have one Party when you could of had two, but their again I like parties!
I would rather not comment on some of my philosophy or religion: I know we were raised alike but sense I have moved up the road a piece I have seen and experienced things that give me a some what radical views on some religious points. This brings me to a case in point, you may find a good Mormon man but unless he has the intelligence to handle situations that develop in marriage and business he may end up a Catholic (Ha)
You are a girl with extreem talents beauty and self control - But I hope your self control has not made you cold or frigid sexually. Your worry of Religion is something to be concerned with but Sex in the marriage is in my opinion at least 50% of the whole ball of wax.
As far as me being a good pilot that is questionable: But I will still take you up if you want to risk it. We just got back from Sasfford, we took Mom and Dad, Joe and Ludeen, Jeep and his girl. I think that Hot spring swimming pool got to Jeep, I heard they moved their date up
After swimming in the Indian Hot springs we made a 45 min drive to the top of Mt. Graham aboutt 10500 ft elevation and had a wonderful time in the pines etc. Dad was completly thrilled all the way as was Mom.
I hope I haven't made matters worse for you Sis . Love always, Don

My thoughts concerning Don, by Darlene Andersen Caten received in June, 2009
He had the most contagious laugh, Listening to him talk and laugh one would soon find himself laughing and not even knowing why.
I also loved the twinkle Don had in his eyes.
Another memory I had of Don was when I graduated from college and was looking for a teaching position. He knew I was frustrated. He came to me and said: "Sis I can get you a teaching position in Salome and the pay is great, but Salom and Wenden ,is no place for my sweet beautiful sister.
I was so happy to know he truly loved me and wanted the best for me.

The following letter wrioteen by Don about his wonderful daughter Lorene, April 9 1975 shared by Darlene :
Dear "World,"
To write something about my Ringo, Brings tears of pride and joy that no man should be with out a daughter! Maybe not as gifted and beautyful as mine but thats an extra blessing.
I feel, Lorenee is very responsable , understanding and compassionate through the hard emotional experiences we have had to go through and living in the small town called Wenden.
She can not help but make some lucky man a happy family for she has lived through the do's and the don'ts. To know her, Love and tenderness can only be described by the frineds she has state wide!
I am verry verry proud and happy to be able to say that's "My Girl" and a chance again to thank Heaven for sending the very Best they Had! Love Forever Dad

You made your grand entrance into this world at 6 a.m. April 27, 1934. You weighed in at 6 lbs 3 oz. What a squalling, red faced little darling you were. We had expected you 2 weeks earlier. I had worked so hard to keep the house clean for the big occasionl. Babies were born in the home in those days so consequently it had to be CLEAN. Three days before you made your appearence we had a terrible wind storm. Your Dad had harvested the grain and had set fire to the stubble. The wind blew the burned stubble and chaff all over. Our house was far from being weather proof. Consequently the floor, ceiling, clothes and practically everything had burned chaff on it. One couldn't walk on the floor with out leaving footprints. This happened about 7 p.m. I cleaned house all night and went to bed completely exhausted at 7 o'clock the next morning. That night you made it known that you were anxious to meet your parents. It was 35 hours before you greeted us with a lusty cry.
Your Dad was 46 years old and had given up the idea of ever having a son. Myrl was 12 and had wanted a little brother all her life. They were two happy people. They even did the washing that day. As for me. I was simply in heaven. You were just what I had longed for and prayed for.
Sis Rust came out to help with the work. In those days mothers stayed in bed 10 days after having given birth to a baby. We understood that was a must.
You were a very active baby. Walking around your crib at 6 mos. One night when Thelma and Al Stauss were here playing canasta, I said "bye" Thelma said "bye" and as plain as day you said, "bye, bye". You took your first steps alone when you were 8 mo. You had a sick spell which set you back, but you were walking by yourself when you were 10 months old. You cut your first tooth at 8 mo. You were a very independent child, and very healthy except for sore throats. We had your tonsils out when you were two. You were so hungry and not able to eat very well. One day I poured Tom's hot coffee and set it on the table. While I was in the kitchen you climbed up in your Dad's chair, picked up the cup of hot coffee and spilled it all over your chest and stomach. I walked with you for hours. You cried constantly. The day Baby Lou died we came from the hospital to find you with a temperature of 106 degrees due to the chicken pox. Also Vonda and Joe were sick. You were the worst.
The first day of school, you looked so pathetic and lost, I could hardly leave you. The day before you had run into a bee. Your face was rather swollen, besides you felt like a lost, lonesome little boy that nobody loved.
As you went through school, you were very good at the things you liked to do but it was hard to get you to do the things you disliked. You had a keen imagination for example: we were all out on the porch looking at a beautiful rainbow. You spoke up and said, "Now I know how Heavenly Father comes down. He just slides the rainbow.
When you were 7, I was bathing your baby brother Darnall who was about 8 months old. You said, "He's a big baby isn't he, Mama. I said, "Yes son, he surely is."
"I'll bet he'll be a big man won't he ?" I said, "Yes, I think he will."
Then you said, "You know, Mama I think the older Heavenly Father gets, the better job he does on these kids."
You were always saying clever remarks. I do wish I had kept a better record of them.
I had a birthday party for you when you were 8. There was a large group of boys and girls and you seemed to enjoy yourself so very much. You took music lessons and hated it. You took part in one recital. After which you never had anything more to do with the piano. Later on you learned to play the saxophone in H. S. and was member of the Madrigal Choir. You also went on a trip to Kansas City, representing Ariz in F.F.A.
I never had any trouble getting you to attend Sunday School and Primary. When you were ordained a deacon, you were very conscientious in performing all your various church responsibilities and even won the Deacon Quorum contest prize Kenneth Wright sponsored. The prize was a watch.
Jess Gale seemed to take a special interest in you and helped you earn your Eagle Scout Award at the age of 14. It was presented to you at a P.T.A. meeting. I was privileged to pin the Eagle Scout Award on you. Then you presented me with a pin. I was one proud mother and the envy of many other mothers.
You loved football but sprained the ligaments in your leg, the first year you played. You were laid up in the hospital a few days.
The next year you played, you broke your collar bone while practicing. They called me from school to come and get you to the Dr. I took you to a bone specialist in Phoenix. Your collar bone was broken in two places leaving a loose bone in the middle. You were put in a cast and I started home with you, trying to drive and at the same time hold you in a sitting position next to me. You were so doped up. You wobbled all over, boy was I ever glad to get home. You seemed to lose your interest in football after that.
You really enjoyed your F. F.A. work. The year you were given the State F.F.A. award you made, among other things, a horse trailer, 2 cotton trailers and put up the shop. Your Dad was really a big help. He was so proud of you and your accomplishments. He wouldn't have stayed away from your various conferences and dinners for anything. Uncle Paul, your Ag teacher, was surely proud of you and enjoyed taking some credit for your outstanding work.
I'll never forget the crush you had on Melvina Leslie, your first girlfriend. When she decided to switch her affections to Noman Wooten, a football hero, it was truely hard for you to take.
When that situation cooled off you succumbed to the sweet contagious smile of Mary Hancock. You two were married the day after you graduated from High School. May 27, 1953 in the Arizona Temple in Mesa, Arizona. 
96 She appears to be the only daughter, and may have been married to Niels Hollander of "Lundagergaard." In 1881, at the christening of Gunde Andersen, there was in attendance "Niels Hollander's wife '
Anne Marie of Lundagergaard, and Niels Hollander also attended the christenings of Karen C. Andersen in 1883, and Anders T. P. Andersen in 1885.

Her mother was at her home in Lundagergaard in 1887. 
Eva Marie Andersen
97 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Gerald Paul ANDERSEN
98 On the Children in the family group sheet Mom didn't have the sex written in so I presumed because the numbers 12 and 3 had Pedersen they were the sons but Mom had not the Pedersen written in on Karsten Thade Gunda Karen Andersen
99 On the Children in the family group sheet Mom didn't have the sex written in so I presummed because the numbers 12 and 3 had Pedersen they were the sons but Mom had not the Pedersen written in on Karsten Thade Gunda Karen ANDERSEN
100 Born when Petrea was 20 years old. She lived 1/2 day and was buriied i n Vilslev. Gunda Marie Caroline Andersen

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