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201 His brother-in-law , J. R. Beesley, is the informant on death ceretificate. Joseph M. Blalock
202 Died of the flu. Louise R Blalock
203 1. Her Father is from North Carolina and her mother is from Virginia
2. 1900 Census states that they have 9 children but 7 are still alive. Mary and Cordy are the only 2 remaining children in the household, but her mother is living with them, her mother Nancy Blalock is living with them at this time.
3. Martha middle initial E. was changed upon finding sons Cordy J. deathcertificate stating that hir mothers middle name was Elizabeth 
Martha Elizabeth Blalock
204 1. Dorr, Valentine and Miss Nancy Ann Blalock Married 1 Sep 1864 by Thos. W. McGough at David Blalock's. Wit Sandford Baker and Eliga Stevens. (bond and licensee 29 Aug 1864) ; Surety: ;; James Gale. Groom age 27, first marriage, farmer born NC and lvies Caldwell Co, father born Germany and mother born NC Bride, age 18 first marriage, born and lives Caldwwell Co, parents born Caldwell Co.She also went by Nancy.
. In 1920 Census son Ralzmond has a daughter named Angelina, ...just a thought. 
Mary Ann (Nancy) Blalock
205 According to the 1850 Census Nancy M Blalock altho listed with her father James Blalock she is to old to have Mary A. as her mother as listed in the 1850 Census so I am assuming she was from a previous maarriage. Nancy M Blalock
206 By 1880 Nancy M. Blalock is not showing up on the Census. Nancy M. Blalock
207 He was killed in a mine Owen Darnall Blalock
208 Died of scarlet fever. Robert P. Blalock
209 He died in the Civle War at Fort Pillow Tennessee. A son was born who never saw his father. Robert Wilson Blalock
210 registered nurse Ruth Oleta Blalock
211 Mary Ann Blalock, gma is staying with Sara E. Blalock and Alonzo B. Bearden in 1970 Census.
Sara has had 7 children only 5 living in 1910 Census
1. On death certificate she is listed as Mary E Bearden her death date is calculated 
Sara Elizabeth Blalock
212 Played the Oboe according to U.S. WWii Enlistment Records
1938-1946: He was from Hopkins, Kentucky Enlisted 19 Jul 1942 in Evansville, Indiana He was a private. Education 4 years of high school. He was a bandsman and pllayed theoboe he also was a Parts Clerk for Automobile. Single with dependents he was 68 inches tall and weighed 154. 
William Euwin Blalock
213 Henry Boren is listed on Carrie Lesters Death certificate as husband. Henry Boren
214 1. Alternate spelling Boren Elijah Boring(Boren)
215 From Daughter Susannas' death certificate I learned that the M stood for Mary in her mothers name Mary Elizabeth Bourner
216 Andra Kay stayed married to Ray and had quite a happy marriage. 3rd Marriage: Ray Bowyer
217 Andra Kay stayed married to Ray and had quite a happy marriage. Ray Leonard BOWYER
218 1. I don't find her in the 1880 Census but she is still alive in the 1870 Census Elizabeth Boyd
219 In the 1860 Census there is a Mrs. S. Hopper age 70 from Virginia living with in the Brashear household.
On the Marriage information he is listed as "Brasier" 
Benjamin Brashears
220 In the 1860 Census there were more children listed than in the 1850 Census however by the 1860 Census Mary is not in the picture. Edward, her husband remarries in 1854 . I believe that Mary died in child birth the birth of Sara Vance. The eldest daughter Ann doesn't show up in the 1960 Census either.
1. Mom had her birth day and year the census gave the year. 
Mary Caroline Brevard
221 1910 States that this is a second marriage and that Mary E and he have been married 1 year. with His son living with him named William H. George is also listed as a barber. He also has his father living with him at the age of 94 and is listed as a widower. Geeorge W. Bridges
222 He is living with his son George in 1910 Census , as a widower, he is 94 Ira C. Bridges
223 By 1900 Census Mary is left as a widow and has had 8 children of which 3 are still alive Mary Bridges
224 They have a niece living with them in the 1880 Census, in the 1900 She is still listed as living with them however, they have moved to Napa, Napa, California. Rachael Bridges
225 'He owned a hat manufactory , possibly left him by is father, but hwile quite young, had retireed with t cmfortable fortune. ...He was something of a student, spending much of his time in reading. Joseph Briggs
226 "Abstract of Bucks County, Pennsylvania 1685 - 1785" William B riggs, Newton, Yeoman. 8th mo., Aug. 15 1758. Proved Sept. 9, 1758. Sons Edmond and James, exrs. Sons Benjamin, Joseph and Samuel. Son John's Children (his son John 10 shillings more than his sisters.) Son William's children. Daus. Elizabeth Chapman, Jane and Ellen Buckman and Margaret Briggs. 58 acres in Warwick Twp. lately Abraham Claypoole's to Edmund and James.
Wit: John Twining, Jos. Hamton and John Story. 
William Briggs
227 Grace was not listed in the 1910 census. Grace Bright
228 1910 Census of Henderson, Hot Spring , Arkansas shoow John C. as being born in Texas his father from South Caroling and his mother from Mississippi. John Calhoun P. Bright
229 Found a John Brimer and Thomas Brimer listed in the 1840 Federal Census for Jefferson, Tennessee
Could they be a brother ?
Information for parent is fround in Ancestry .com Family Data Collection 
Ruth Brimer
230 Margaret states in the 1900 Census that she has had 8 children of which 6 are alive. Margaret A. Briscoe
231 Our birth record was 15 Sep 1919. The birth record from Carolyn Fairall is used. He owned farm #16 in Vilslev. Laust Jorgensen BROCK
232 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Margrethe Brock
233 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Margrethe BROCK
234 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Sine Brock
235 He owned farm #22 in Vilslev. Laust BROK
236 See # 24, Chapter XVIII [f this book.]Early Friends Families of Upper Bucks974.821 Brown
237 T.S. 3/2008: I think the A. stands for Alvis further research Charlie A. Brown
238 They had a large family Mary Bucher
239 1. "Soldiers of American Revolution" of Bucks Count-
Capt. Huston's Co., EF 1779...(s3, v6;, 43), Ef 1780... (s3,v6,112,) EF 1781...(s3, V6, 125-127) 
Abner Buckman
240 "History of Bucks County": Resides in Newtown Amos Buckman
241 1. Soldiers of American Revolution" - Bucks county.
Pvt., 1 Cl., Capt. Stillwell's Co., BCM...(s5,v5, 422) of Newtown, Fines 1778...(s3,v6, 10 ), SF and NAtt
Capt. Huston's Co., EF 1779... (s3,v6;, 43), EF 1780...(s3, v6, 116-119), EF 1781...(s3 v6, 125).
Ensign, 2d KBatt., 1783...(s5, V5, 443)

2. Abstract of Bucks County Wills out of the book 'Collections of the Geneological Society of Pennsylvania 1796-1825. (Pg. 180) Benjamin Buckman, Middle Town Twp. Dated 12 23.1808, and Pr. Jan 8, 1809- Wife Ann interest of 1/2 of residue of Estate; - Brother in law Jaacob Janney and Henry Atherton Exrs. - ch. Mary Gillingham, Richard Buckman, Phebe Buckman, Jesse Buckman and Benjamin Buckman. Witnesses Joseph Hayhurst, David Landis. 
Benjamin Buckman
242 In the 1850 Census It would apear as Rebecca and Chapman Buckman ae running an Inn. .
Chapman Buckman was listed as dying of Consumption and suffered for 18 month and died in 18860. 
Chapman Buckman
243 "The Bucks County Intelligencia ...Marriages 1800 - 1834 "Buckman , Charles of Lower Makefiedls to Elizabeth, daughter of Jos. Thornton, Buckingham at Friends Meetinghouse, Buckiongham (16 Oct 1809
Charles is not mentions in Isaac Buckmans will. 
Charles Buckman
244 "Collection of The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania/ US/CAN 974.821 Adb 1795-1805 pg 494
Abstract of Bucks County6 Wills book no. 5 page 258
Dated 4 - 1 8- 1788
Proved Apr 25-1791

David Buckman of Newtown Twp. yeoman
Brother John Story and Friends Isaac Wiggins and Joseph Chapman Exres. - Sister Elizabeth Heston - Nephews David, Zegbulon, William, John and Joshua Heston - Nephews David and Samujel Story - Cousins Isaac and Abraham Buckman sons of Isaac decd. = William and James Buckman sons of cousin William decd - Jesse and Thomas sons of cousins Thomas Buckman decd. - David sons of cousin John Buckman - Joseph son of cousin Joseph Buckman Late father William Buckman - Nieces Agnes and Elizabeth Buckman daug of Bro Thomas Buckman dece Phebe wife of Isaac Wiggins - Mary wife of Joseph Hampton Phebe late wife of Timothy Scott - Ann wife of John Osmond - Isaac Wiggins of Northampton David Buckman and James Briggs of Newtown and Joseph Hampton and Isaac Chapman of Wrightstown, Trustees for Free school at Wrightstown Metting House ;- Wits - Daniel Hunt, Edward Chapman, Amos Briggs. 
David Buckman
245 1. "Soldiers of the American Revolution" - Bucks county.
15th kCo., EF 1780...(s5, v6;, 125)
Capt Huston's Co., EF 1781...(s3, v6, 125) 
David Buckman
246 In 1920 Census he is listed as Edward D. Edwin D. Buckman
247 He baought the Moses Van Horn farm in Upper Makefiled, Bucks, Pennsylvania. (History of Bucks County) Elihu Smith Buckman
248 Elizabeth is listed as living with parents during 1920 Census and she is married to a Mr. Foster. Elizabeth Buckman
249 lives in Kansas, Frank Buckman
250 "History of Bucks County " : ...'when a child was taken by his aunt, Margaret Worthington who lived in Warwick township,where he remained until reaching his eighteenth year. Franklin Buckman

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