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151 Daughters death certificate gave her fathers name and where he was from. Jack Bates
152 Got the mothers name from daughters 1st marriage. Maria Louisa Bates
153 Lists father as from Georgia and Mother from Tennessee. in the 1900 Census. 1910 Census says she has 13 children. of which 6 are still alive

In the Death certificate she lived to be 79 Yrs 5 Mos and 20 days Her father is Jack Bales Born in Tennessee. Mother Sarah Burnhill born in Tennessee the informan was J. H. Powell (Her son) from Dawson Springs. 
Mary Jane Bates
154 1. Both parents are from Kentucky. according to 1880 Census It also states that he was married within
the year, being 1880.
a. In 1910 Census it states that father is from Georgia and mothers is from Tennessee.

2. . Moved to ,Bell, Texas.
1920 Census Ruby and Clarence are the children still living with them.

3.. it states in the 1900 and 1910 Census that Samuel H. Bates was born in Texas. 
Samuel H. Bates
155 1. From family tree found out that Tinsy went by Lavada(which explains the L. in her name. She was listed on the tree as Lavada, Tennessee Bate) Tinsy Lavada Bates
156 I need to check another census becaus the ink was smudged on both him and williams date .
He is listed as single Tall and slender in WW1 Draft. 
Van A.* Bates
157 Eelizabeths' name was researched through and family Data Collection - Individual REcords Elizabeth Bayliss
158 From Historian of Southern John Bayliss
159 1. He was Cpl. Co, D. 17 Regt. Ky. Cav. Alonzo Benton Bearden
160 2nd marriage to Eliza K. George M. Bearden
161 Her fathers name was listed as Beardeau also Helen Bearden
162 Personal KNowledge
Baptism cert., mrr. cert., in poss. each family membe
rWife Cert. of Blessing #81 line 1-597, bap & conf., #23 Alpine
Ward rrec. Bk 4 line 98

Birth cert, Washington State Board of Health, #rec. 924, grg #946, wife affidavit for correction of a rec. name changed to Cleone Beck instead of Illen V. Beck as prefiously recorded. Date changaed 11/8/76 
Cleone Beck
163 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Donald Francis Beck
164 We learn from birth record of daughter Elizabeth that Mariahs' maiden name is Beck
Her mother is living with them in the 1920 as a widow and 83 years of age. makes her born in 1837 
Mariah J. Beck
165 Death cert. #250386, Ut Co. on wife in poss of Cleone Bullock
Obit. Of Deseret News June 2, 1956 - husband
Daily Herald of 21 May 1980 - wife records in of poss of Daily Herald of 29 Sep 1979 
Owen Vance Beck
166 Wesley marrided (1 ) Fall of 1914, Nora Edith PRESNELL
Divorce 31 May 1917
Family records in poss of Mrs Wesley J. Beck of Pleasant Grove, Utah
2. Family rec in poss of Reed A. Beck Salt Lake City Utah 84115
Alpine War rec. 1131 #290 p 69; Alpine Cemetery Rec. Personal knowledge ; Par Rec. Budolfe Aalbor, F. Den 1835-1840-1845 Parrish rec Vor Frue Aalborg, F Den. Aalborg A 2b pt2

Microfische: Hus & wife, Batch Mi83398 ; Ser sheet 0-747

Obit. Daily Herald #1, 18 May 1966
Obit. Daily Herald #2, 2 Jun 1956 in poss of Cleone B. Bullock

Wesley Julius Beck Batch #H000012 - Serial Sheet 1815
Sidney "1796Owen "1760Loy "1710 
Wesley Julius Beck
167 1880 Census, Both parents from Kentucky
1. Death Certificate told us that the A. stood for Alice. also gave the parents name. 
Elizabeth Alice Beckham
168 Died of Flu Earnest O. Beesley
169 His birth place was given on sons death certificate. James Richard Beesley
170 Both father and mother born in Virginia according to the 1880 Census. Catherine Bell
171 Second marriage for her as she was a widow. ( Sames reference as notes for William Reneau)
d2. There is also a note that her maiden name could be Lewis? she was a widow though. 
Jane Bell
172 This marriage Maria L. Carter is his second. According to the marriage records W.F. Benson
173 Censes gives us the year which Matilda was Born Her daughters consent to marriage information reveals that Matilda Thomas Benton was born and lives in Caldwell County. Matilda Thomas Benton
174 In 1910 Caensus she says she has 9 Children of which 8 are still alive. Her nickname was Mandy Amanda Jane Beshear
175 Informant on death certificat of \Mandy M. Calvert was J.O. Ausenbaugh Amanda M. * Beshear
176 1900 Census: they have had 4 children of which 2 are alive. George Willis* Beshear
177 p 679 of Darnall, Darnell Families Vol II by Avlyn Dodd Conley
1. From daughters death certificate we get the fathers name as Hampton 
Hampton Beshear
178 Acoarding to death certificate she was single and was struck by lightening while working out in her garden. James Thelma Beshear
179 1900 Census: They had 6 children of which 4 are still alive Julia M.* Beshear
180 Living in Eddyville at time of fathers death, he was the informant. Kelley Beshear
181 1. In 1880 Census Scioth is living with son Madison. Scioth Beshear
182 Mandy Jane Death certificate gave us the name of parents and that they were from Kentucky. Son Beshear
183 The name was hard to read it looks like Georpet put not sure. George Ann * Bingham
184 In 1900 Census he is listed as 12 yet his year listed for his birth is listed as 1877. Which is correct? Mortie E. Bingham
185 Both on their marriage license were from Bogard, Carroll, Missouri. Ruth* Bingham
186 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Auriel Polly BJORK
187 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Ken Del BJORK
188 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Schuyler Michelle BJORK
189 1. His first name could be John he is listed as a witness to the Will of Samel Va nce . The 5 children were listed in Georges will owever no mention of father was named otherwise it is another Blackburn. Blackburn
190 The information on brothers and sisters come from his will Dated 21 April 1778 Washington County Va Will Book 1 1777-1792 975.5725 P2e
It also listed his daughter. 
George Blackburn
191 In the book Our Ancestrial Plots it lists Hettie as the second wife. of James
Riley Orange. 
Hettie F. Blackenship
192 Abstract of Bucks Count Wills 201 book nor. 7 page 224: Dated 6.16.1804 - Proved Jan. 3. 180 -
Ester Blackfan, Solebury Twp . Son John Blackfan Exr. sons John, Thomas and Jesse Blackfan; = Daughter Elizabeth Fell and her children Frances, Charles, John, George, Esther, Sarah and Elias; - Daughter Rachel Chapman's Ch. Jesse, Martha, Charles, Amos and Ann; Daughter Hannah Smith and her daughters Esther and Jane Smith. Daughter Agnes Scofield; = Grandson John Blackfan; = Witnesse, Aaron Paxson, Moses Eastburn. 
Blackfan, Blacfan
193 Will" Abstract of Bucks County Wills Book No. 7 pg 201 (pg 224) Esther Blackfan, Solebury Twp. Dated 6, 16. 1804 - Proved Jan 3, 1807 - Son John Blackfan Exr. Sons John, Thomas, and Jesse Blackfan; - Daughter Elizabeth Fell and her children Frances, Charles, John George, Esther, Sarah and Elias; - Daughter Rachel Chapman' ch. Jesse, Martha, Charles Amos, and Ann; - Daughter Hannah Smith and her daughters Esther and Jane Smith. Daughter Agnbes Scofield's daughters Estherand Agnes Scofield; - Grandson John Blackfan . Witnesses Aaron Paxson , Moses Eastburn. Esther Blackkfan
194 1. Served as Caldwell County Judge i 1906-1907
2. Blalock, David B. and Altha E. Maddox married 27 Apr 1880 by J. H. Hicks, JP at Martha Hunter's. Wit: Johnson Clayton, G. W. Hunter. (bond 26 Apr 18800) Sec; W. J. Clayton. Bridegroom, 20; first marriage; farmer; born and lives Caldwell County; father born North Carolina; Mother born Virginia. Bride, 19; first marriage; born and lives Caldwell County; father Born Tennessee; mother born Caldwell County. Consent 26 Apr 1880: "you will please issue maarriage lisons to Solemnize the rites of matrimony between My son D. B. Blalock and Altha E. Maddox. He being under 21. "D. H. Blalock. Wit: W. J. Clayton, W. E. Castleberry. Consent: "You will plaease issue marriage to Solomnizse the rits of matrimony between Altha E. Maddox and D. B. Blalock his being under 21 years of age and me being her guardian. Martha C. Hunter. Wit. W. E. Castelberry, W. J. Clayton {BB13:208] 
David Boone Blalock
195 She married a Ridley but is living with her brother Hollis as a Widow in 1920 Census Florence Blalock
196 France B. was second wife to Allen H. Wing. Frances B Blalock
197 Possibly Jessie is also a son who married Nora Darnall. Hollis is also listed as his name in the census.

Death Certificate lists his name as Holland Phelps Blalock.and then his parents name and that he ws struck by a train near Madisonville, Hopkins , Kentucky. 
Holland Phelps Blalock
198 1. He served in the Civil War as a Sergeant, receiving a pension for a disability.

Blalock James W. and Sarah D. Moore Married 10 Mar 1861 by Robert F. Turner. Wit: George Bearden and Moses Hurley (bond and license 9 Mar 1861) Surety: J. R. Rogers, Consent 8 Mar 1861: "This is to certify that I am willing to the Union of Mr James W. Blalock and my Daughter Sarah Moore and that she is trenty one years of age." /s/ Mary (X) Moore, Wit: J. R. Rogers. Consent 8 Mar 1861 "I hereby authorize Mr James W. Blalock to get marriage Licence to unite himself and me in Wedlock." /s/Sarah (X) Moore. Wit: J. R. Rogers. Groom age e21 single, born Caldwell Co. father Jarrett W. Blalock mother Mary Annm, Born in Us. Bride, age 22 single born Caldwell Co Father Robert T. Moore, Mother Mary, born in US. 
James Washington Blalock
199 Married 3 times and had 21 children. born probably in Brunswick , Virginia

1. 1850 Census gives his Birth place as Virginia. According to the census he has a daughter Elizabeth from a previous marriage it appears. For she is only 8 years younger than his present wife and Elizabeth being born in North Carolina.
2. He dies of Dropsy according to Vital Statistics.
3. Jared is married 3 times his third wife being Mary Ann Wells. 
Jared Wilson Blalock
200 Jessie Clyde had WWI Registration Card State he was in the4 Bucksnort #2 Precint he is short, Medium Build and Blue eyes light Brown hair. he is a farmer. and lived on Cobb R 1 ;Kentucky and had a wife and 2 children at the time. Jessie C. Blalock

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