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1 1. Marriage 1809- 1891: 976.901 C137K: CFB from William Robinson Family: F571
2 1. Marriage: Blalock; Henry J. and Miss Nancy Scott married 3 Aug 1842 by S. Scott. (bond 2 Aug 1842) Sec Oily Scott. Family: F827
3 1900 Census: Married for 8 years , Had 3 children , 2 are still alive. Family: F632
4 7 children born to this union. 4 sons and 3 daughters Family: F109
5 According to Early Friends of Families of Upper Buck Penn 974.821 They removed to Virginia in 1740 Family: F631
6 Anders was in the US only once where he got TB. Since treatment was cheaper in Denmark, he returned home. Once he had overcome TB, both Anders and Thomas wanted to go to the US. Yet their father demanded that at least one of them would stay at home. Therefore, Thomas was given permission to leave for the US.

Anders never married after his wife's passing. He had 2 housekeepers, first he had Tine from Råhede for 3 years before she returned home to take care of her parents, and then he had Marie from Gånsager for 4 years. After that Marie, Petra, Anne, and Gunda with some help form neighboring wives, became the housekeepers on Ander's farm. 
Family: F14
7 Anders was the 1st husband and died leaving Anne Marie a widow with the Rytter Farm. Family: F96
8 Another fecord Ahnentafel chart of Helen Elaine Burgess Borts has them married inDarby, Chester, Pennsylvania. I tend to believe that they were married in Darby as that is where she was from, the other records is from indexing from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterdaysaints Family: F404
9 Cato, Miles C. and Caroline Nichols: Married 12 May 1842 by Benj F. Hawkins, MG (bond 12 May 1842)
Sec: Geo. Bearden Consent: ; "Please to grant licence to Mile Cato and my Daughter Cariline for Mariage." Luke Nichols . Wit: Miles (X) C. Cato. Geor. (X) Bearden 
Family: F1191
10 Conrad and Ann were married at a public meeting in Germantown, recorded in records of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting Family: F632
11 died when his daughter Sine was 9 years old. So she went to live with her father's mother until she passed away. Family: F72
12 Divorce 31 May 1917 (Children?)
Family records in Poss of Mrs Wesley J. Beck, 415 So 1st East Pleasant Grove Also Famly rec in poss of Reed A beck 341 East 2400 South;, Salt Lake City Utah 84115 
Family: F61
13 Found place in Danish marriage records Hunderup Zone, Ribe, Parish record.
File number 1727-1801, record # 185 
Family: F11
14 Freestone Family, By Clara F. Seeman pg 14
Reco of Lillian Millette Mes, Arizona 
Family: F259
15 Great friends to the Indians. ' Until he waws abale to build a log house himself and family lived in a cave, where twin sons were born February 12 11685. Game from the woods supplied them with food until crops were grown, and often the Indian, between whom the Champmans there waqs the most cordial friendship, were the only reliance. It is related in teh family records, that on one occasion, while riding through the woods, his daughter Mara overtook a frightened buck, chased by a wolf, which held quiet until she secured it with the halter from her horse. The first house erected by him stood on the righthand side of the road leading from Wrightstown meeting-house to Pennsville, in a field formerly belonging to Charled Thompson, and near a walnut tree by the eisde of a run. After a hard life in the wilderness John Chapman died about the monthe of May 1694 and was buried in the old graveyard near Penn's Park whither his wife followed him in 1699. She was his second wife whosm maiden name was Jan Saddler, born about 1635 and married Joh Chapman Jun 12 1670 and was the mother of 5 of his children. Family: F464
16 Groves, C. U. = Mary F. Fowlers 21 June 1876 at Res of Lewis Fowlers . Family: F1330
17 He ewas married by J. L. Towner Family: F1077
18 He is listeds as Hez. C. Dew (I believe it is Dorr) Family: F596
19 He was a farmer in Jedsted Family: F95
20 Howton, D. H. and Miss Eliza Jane Hopper Married 15 Nove 1865 by Wm. Carter, JP at Wm C. Hopper's. Wit: Stallard Darnall , Wm C. Hopper and others. (bond and license 15 Nov 1865) Surety: W. C. Hopper. Groom age 25 , first marriage, farmer, born and lived Caldwell,Co, father born Hopkins Co, Kentucky and mother born is Caldwell Co. Bride, age 24, first marriage, born and lives Caldwll Co, parents born Caldwell Co. Family: F502
21 Howton, Joel L. and Miss Rebecah Bershers Married 14 Sept 1865 by T. A. Lowey, JP at the residence of S. L. Howton Wit: M. L. Hopson M. L. Ervin and S. H. Doris {s} (Bon and license 14 Sep 1865) Surety: M. L. Irvin. Groom, age 39 , second marriage, farmer, born Hopkins Co, Ky and lives Caldwell Co, parents born KY. Bride, age 33 first marriage, born Hopkins Co, Ky and lives Caldwell Co, parents born KY "At her request she obtained license." Family: F1194
22 I haven't found where the marriage took place, however, the first born child was born in Tennessee. Family: F598
23 In other information the family has, the Marriage date is 1 Nov, 1799. I think the difference is that 3 Aug 1799 was the date the marriage to be is announced in church. and 1 Nov, 1799 is the marriage date. Family: F7
24 In the 1930 Census it states how old Hazel Leuceel was when she married and soThe math show it to be 1924 Family: F699
25 It also states in Notable southern Families page 337 that the marriage took place in
Butler, Ohio. 
Family: F481
26 Jenny was a widow. her brother was Jens Jensen who married Peder's sister Anna. Family: F92
27 License issued to Thomas Copeland Family: F97
28 Liocense on file at Bel Air Maryland Church reco;rd St James Parish. Family: F101
29 Marie Margrethe from the mill of Jedsted Family: F105
30 Marriages of Davidson Co. Tenn. 976855 V2w Family: F9
31 married at a public meeting in Germantrown recorded in records of Gwynedd Monthly Meeting of Quakers. Family: F701
32 Married at Friends Meetinghouse, 28 May 1805 both husband and wife from upper Makefield. Family: F849
33 Married at the Monthly Meeting in Buckinham. Family: F840
34 married in 1731 and removed to Virginia in 1740 Family: F702
35 Mom had spelt it like Raymind Elliot but that seems like an unlikely spelling. Family: F123
36 Nancys' name was given in the will of Lewis Reneau. Family: F690
37 Original Record is in County Clerks Office book 98. Index to to Marriage Record 1861-1865 Inclusive Volume. Family: F479
38 Other record said she was married 20 May 1905. Their witnesses were Jrgen Kristian Eugenius Warming of Vester Vedsted, Jens Jrgen Andersen, farm owner in Vilslev. Family: F93
39 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family: F100
40 Still married in the 1860 Census Family: F77
41 The date may be 23 Oct 1830. Family: F133
42 The quakers calendar was 2 m;;onth off the regular calendar and it wasnt until about the middle of the 17thCentury that it became the same Family: F392
43 The US and INternationa Marriage of 1560-1900 entry is as follows:
Elizabeth Birkes 1844 TN
Jame Vance Rogers 1844 TN
Marriage: 1835 - Ill 
Family: F1093
44 Their marriage witnesses were farm owner Hans Andersen of Jedsted, farm owner Jens Jrgen Andersen of Vilslev. Family: F81
45 Their witnesses were Sren Pedersen, Lars Larsen both of Vilslev. Family: F83
46 Their witnesses were Thomas Christian Johansen and his wife Karen Pedersdatter. Family: F82
47 They Had 5 children, lived on farm #9. Jen's sister, Jenny, married Anna's brother Peder. Family: F91
48 They had at least 2 children: Family: F103
49 They were maarried at W. T. Nichols Her fathers home. Family: F144
50 William Family: F2

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